I Wanted To Make You Aware That I’ve Now More Information About My Fibro Free Coaching Program including frequently asked questions:

Fibro Free Coaching Program

I’m close to finishing my coaching program. I want to add some bonuses before I open up registration but for now here is what is included in the Fibro Free Coaching Program

You’ll learn how to use the latest techniques, (not contained in my book or videos) step-by-step, easy to follow formulas for:

  • getting a good night sleep, night after night.
  • eliminating or drastically reducing chronic pain and migraine headaches
  • dramatically increasing mental clarity and physical energy.
  • eliminating bloating, gas, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and pain associated with    irritable bowel syndrome .
  • eliminating or dramatically reducing fibro flares.
  • increasing your stamina and resistance to stress.
  • drastically reducing anxiety and depression.
  • uncovering and fixing any underlying conditions, including low thyroid, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, yeast overgrowth, and more.
  • eliminating or severely reducing chronic sinus or urinary tract infections.
  • eliminating hot flashes
  • losing or gaining weight.
  • and so much more

Here’s What You Get In My Fibro Free Coaching Program:

  1. Eight audiovisual presentations, one a week for eight weeks. My presentations will go over the step-by-step instructions, in an easy to understand, and follow format that will allow you to reach that week’s health goals.

Each week’s new audiovisual presentation shares the KEY PROTOCOLS that will allow you to get healthy and feel good again. These easy to follow recommendations are designed to address each individual’s specific needs. There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

There are numerous examples and “WHAT IF” scenarios for you to learn EXACTLY what you personally need to do for each protocol.

These presentations can be watched over and over again for up to 3 months. The notes can be downloaded and saved for future review as well.

On these presentations I’ll show you specific, tried and true, protocols for getting a good night sleep, dramatically reducing your pain, anxiety, depression, IBS, RLS, migraines, fibro fog, and fatigue.

You’ll know EXACTLY what to do to get healthy and feel good again based on your SPECIFIC needs. No more guessing what to do, when to do it or how or to do it WITH MY COACHING YOU’LL DO IT.

Follow my specific easy to follow instructions, based on your unique symptoms, get my weekly coaching, and you’ll see dramatic improvement within weeks.

  1. Eight weekly for members only LIVE group call or Facebook Live, programs with me, reviewing that week’s audiovisual presentation and taking your questions (and giving SPECIFIC step-by-step answers). These programs are recorded in case you can’t tune into the one of the LIVE call in programs. You can also post questions on the member’s only Fibro Free Facebook Group page.

  1. Two month access to members only closed Facebook group.

Interact with me, my staff, and other members of the Fibro Free Coaching Program. Get your specific questions answered, or simply help support, or get support from other members. A great way to stay connected, get your questions answered or learn about any updated helpful resources.

  1. Three-month access to the member’s only Fibro Free Coaching Program membership site. Here, you’ll find all sorts of valuable resources, constantly updated with state of the art, latest, greatest tips and tricks on diet and natural supplements, recommend labs, lab interpretation guides, NATURAL protocols for most every ailment you can imagine. This will be one of your go too resources for everything to do with getting and staying health.


How long is the coaching program?

The Fibro Free coaching program is 8 weeks. You get an additional 30 days access to the member’s only site and the 8 audiovisual presentations.

How do I interact with you on this program?

Each week you’ll watch at your convenience an audiovisual program (module) where I’ll go into step by step details for overcoming that week’s health challenge, poor sleep, low energy, chronic pain, IBS, etc.

AND each week I’ll hold a one hour LIVE Facebook call in program for members only where you’ll get to hear me review the week’s audiovisual presentation and then open up the call for questions or posts. I’ll answer your questions in detail. By answering your question(s) I’ll also answer 20 other people who have the same question(s).

You’ll also have direct access to my staff and I, by posting questions or comments ANYTIME on the member’s only Facebook Fibro Free group page. My staff and I will answer these questions throughout the day.

How is this different than the Tuesday Night or weekly Facebook Video BLOGS you do each week?

On those programs I’m sharing some helpful information, but I’m not able to go into the details or answer your specific questions in detail. The public Facebook LIVE blogs are random. 

After treating thousands of patients over the last twenty years, I’ve learned there is a specific order that must be followed for you to have quick and lasting success. If you don’t do it in the right order you will struggle and results with be few. The 8 weekly audiovisual presentations (modules) are supported by my member’s only weekly LIVE call in programs. The Fibro Free Coaching Program takes all the guesswork out what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

The Fibro Free coaching program has 8 weekly audiovisual presentations where I go into exact step-by-step details of EXACTLY what you need to do EACH week and how to do it. Then each week I’ll hold a LIVE call in program for members ONLY, where you can call in or post your questions and get SPECIFIC answers about THAT WEEK’S material or any questions you have. You can also interact with me on the Fibro Free members-only Facebook Group Page- posting comments, questions or asking for additional help. And there is a Fibro Free members-only membership site with helpful, get healthy resources as well.

By having you watch that week’s SPECIFIC audiovisual presentation (watch it at your convenience), you’re able to easily understand the LIVE call in presentations, ask the right questions and learn from others who are asking for and getting the answers you need.

Can’t I just get all this in your book or online videos?

There is a tremendous amount of helpful information in my book and videos. And yes if you wish you can try to figure it all out yourself….not easy to do without a coach to help you. Where do you start? What should you do first? And if it doesn’t work what should you try next? Instead of trying to figure it all out yourself, you can let me coach you step-by-step, back to health and feel good again. Watch the 8 weekly audiovisual presentations, and learn the easy to follow, step-by-step protocols.

Then if you have a question or need something simply ask on the weekly LIVE members only call in programs or post a question to the member’s only Fibro Free Facebook group page.

How do I get access to the weekly audiovisual presentations?

Each week you’ll be able to access/view that week’s presentation by visiting the members only website.  These presentations are posted each Monday-One a week for 8 weeks. They can be watched as many times as you wish over a 3-month period. Each presentation builds upon the next. It is important to watch them in order.

How do I get access to the LIVE members only group call in programs?

As a member you’ll be invited to join the Fibro Free Facebook group page. You must be a member to have access to this page. You can also call in by phone each week if you wish. We’ll send you a special phone number and code so that you can call in each Thursday at noon central standard time.

How do I get access to the Fibro Free Facebook group page to ask questions?

Once you register for the Fibro Free Coaching Program you’ll get invited to join the members only Fibro Free Facebook group page. Here you’ll be able post questions, get the latest tips, news and answers, that I share on a daily basis, as well as be able to watch and participate in the members only LIVE weekly group presentations.

What’s the difference between the weekly audiovisual presentations and the LIVE presentations?

The audiovisual presentations or MODULES are prerecorded and released each Monday. A new audiovisual presentation is made available for viewing each week. The audiovisual presentations are released in a specific order, one each week. Each week I’ll be sharing the step-by-step protocols you need to know for that week’s lesson.

The first week I’ll focus on uncovering and fixing any brain chemical deficiencies to correct low moods, anxiety, pain, poor sleep, etc. I’ll go into detail, sharing examples and EXACT step-by-step details on how to use the exact supplements I recommend to help you get a good night sleep night after night, drastically reduce anxiety, low moods, pain, and brain fog.

The LIVE call in program:

Each week I’ll host a members only LIVE call in presentation, usually lasts one hour, (could be more if there a lot of questions), where I’ll will focus on that week’s audiovisual presentation. I’ll do a review, sharing examples, healthful tips, and I’ll answer ALL your questions (by phone or by posts to the Facebook LIVE video presentation).

How do I get access to the Fibro Free membership site?

Once you register for the Fibro Free Coaching Program you’ll get instructions for how to log into and use all the valuable resources on the membership site.

What happens after the 8-week coaching program?

You’ll have an additional month to access the membership site and all of the 8 audiovisual presentations.

Can I work with you one on one instead of doing a group-coaching program?

Yes you can. Please learn more about setting a one on one consult here: www.fibroconsults.com

What if I start the Fibro Free group-coaching program but then decide I need to work with you one on one instead?

No problem anything you spend in the Fibro Free group-coaching program can be applied to working with me directly.

*(patients must do a new patient consult and I must accept your case). 

I have a hard time with fibro fog. Will the videos be easy to follow?

Yes the 8 weekly audiovisual programs will be easy to follow and understand. If you have any questions you can ask them on the LIVE members only call in presentation I do each week or post your questions to the members only Fibro Free Facebook group page. 

Will there be notes to follow along with?

Yes, you can download the power point slides and follow and take notes. There will also be several handouts for various, diets, protocols, labs, etc.

Will I have to buy supplements?

Yes, my protocols are based on using high doses, but safe doses, and combinations of the EXACT vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids you need to CORRECT the underlying causes of your symptoms (poor sleep, pain, fatigue, IBS, RLS, anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more). Most of these supplements can be found at your local health food store or online.

Where do I get the supplements you recommend?

The supplements can be found online (I’ll share which sites are best) or your local health food store.

I can’t take supplements can I still do the program?

I will be recommending the exact, step-by-step nutritional supplement protocols each week. If you can’t take supplements then I wouldn’t recommend the program. 

Can I do this program if I’m taking medications?

Yes. My recommendations will be compatible with any meds you are taking. As you get better and better with my help, hopefully you’ll work with your doctor to wean down or wean off some or all of your medications.

How do I get off my medications?

I’ll give you step-by-step, detailed instructions for how to work with your doctor to get off any meds that aren’t helping.

Should I stop taking my medications?

No. I’ll go onto detail about drugs during our time together and you can, when you’re feeling better, work with your doctor to SLOWLY wean off any meds that aren’t helping or aren’t needed.

Should I ask my doctor about doing this program first?

You can, but they’ll tell you not to do it.

Doctors like most people are usually down on what they aren’t up on. They simply don’t know anything about me or my methods….safer to say don’t do it. You’ve got to make the decision for your self.

If I want to get labs done can my doctors run the labs you recommend?

Yes I’ll provide you wish a list of the most important labs to consider and a guide to interpret them.

Do I have to get labs done?

NO, you don’t have to do any labs if you don’t want too. You’ll still see amazing results either way.

If I don’t have a doctor to run my labs can I still do the program?

Yes you don’t have to have any labs done if you don’t wish too. It can be helpful but not essential.

More about labs.

I have a list of DISCOUNT labs for the U.S. the U.K., and other countries, where you can get lab work without needing a doctor’s order. You can order them yourself. And I have an easy to follow lab guide that will explain how to interpret any of the tests you any want to have done.

Do I have to join Facebook?

No you don’t have to join Facebook, you can if wish use the phone and call in and ask questions or listen to the LIVE weekly presentations. However, it is easy to join Facebook and by doing so you will be able to interact with me on the weekly MEMBER’S ONLY LIVE Facebook presentations and post questions on the members only Fibro Free Coaching Program Facebook Group Page.

What if I don’t have access to the Internet?

Then you can watch the replay of the weekly audiovisuals when you do. You can call in by phone for the LIVE members only weekly group question and answer sessions.

What if I can’t make one or all of the LIVE members only call in sessions?

The 8 weekly members only call-in LIVE Facebook programs are all recorded and archived in the members only site. You can watch/listen to them whenever it is convenient to do so for up to 90 days.

What if I do the program and it doesn’t work?

There are no guarantees that ANYTHING in medicine will work….everyone is different. COMPLIANCE following my advice is important. If you’re coachable then I’m confident that you’ll see a BIG improvement in your fibromyalgia symptoms, your health and life. There is NO OTHER doctor who puts fibromyalgia success stories or testimonials on their site. Why? Because they don’t have any- there are at least 80 success stories on my site and in my book. I’ve coached thousands of patients to good health, who now feel good again.

100% Money Back Guarantee

However if you’re not happy, don’t feel your investment was worth it, then there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply let us know you aren’t happy with the program within the first 4 weeks and we’ll refund your entire payment minus any supplement credit you’ve used.

Can I stay on my medications and still do the program?

Yes, you DON’T have to stop your medications to do the program.

I don’t live in the U.S. can I still do the program?

Yes you can still do the program if you’re overseas. There is a special overseas phone number to use for the weekly LIVE call in Facebook programs. All the audiovisual presentations (modules), Fibro Free Facebook Group page and members only site are on line.

If I have questions or problems can I call the clinic?

Absolutely! If you have questions you can ask them on the members only Fibro Free Facebook Group page or on the members only LIVE Facebook/telephone call in programs each week. If you need additional help you can always call the clinic.

Who shouldn’t do this program?

You shouldn’t do the program if one, you aren’t coachable-If you won’t follow my instructions and aren’t willing to make any needed changes to get healthy. And two, if the cost of the program is too much of a financial hardship, then you shouldn’t do the program. You don’t need the additional stress.

Who should do this program?

Anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and wants to get their life back. If you’re willing to participate at 100% and do the things I will ask of you each week, you’ll see amazing results.