My goal is to help as many people with fibromyalgia as I can.

Working with me in my upcoming Fibro Free Coaching Program may not totally eliminate your fibromyalgia, there is no cure, however, with MY COACHING you can OVERCOME fibromyalgia, get healthy, drastically reduce your pain, increase your energy, get a good night sleep, eliminate IBS, RLS, migraines, low moods, anxiety, feel good again, and live again. Instead of fibromyalgia controlling you, you now control fibromyalgia.

This certainly beats “learning to live with it.”

Thanks for all who submitted questions or posted comments about my Fibro Free Coaching Program. I hope to launch this program very soon. In this video I answer some of your questions and share some more information about my group- coaching program. I’m very excited that so many of you are anxious to get started working with me. I’m anxious to get the program up and running as well.

Please be on the look out for another email early next week where I’ll be sharing some step-by-step protocols for irritable bowel syndrome. Until then please watch this short 13 minute video (above) where I share answers to common questions about poor sleep, pain, being “cured” of fibro, low energy, and more.