Get started with the JumpStart Package! Dr. Murphree explains in this video below why he is suggesting that you get started now with your JumpStart package, and remember, you are welcome to use your supplement discount at any time during your 8-week program. Below is the discount code to use at checkout:



How To Use Your Discount Code

your discount code is unique to you, and can only be used one time. your code is the first initial of your first name, and your full last name, followed by:  FFCW18


Name: Cheryl Rice

Discount code:  CRICEFFCW18



Upcoming Dates to Remember:

January 15th –

At 8 am CST Module One & The Members Area Opens (you will receive another email notifying you and giving you your members login username and password soon).

January 18th –

Thursday at 12pm CST The first Members session in the Facebook Group will be LIVE. If you cannot/will not attend the session through the Facebook group, you may also attend the session by calling in. That number and access code will be provided to you prior to the session.

Here’s What You’re Getting In My Fibro Free Coaching Program:

1) Eight audiovisual presentations, one per week for eight weeks. My presentations will go over the step-by-step instructions, in an easy to understand, and follow format that will allow you to reach that week’s health goals.

Each week’s new audiovisual presentation shares the KEY PROTOCOLS that will allow you to get healthy and feel good again. These easy to follow recommendations are designed to address each individual’s specific needs. There is no “ONE SIZE FITS ALL.”

There are numerous examples and “WHAT IF” scenarios for you to learn EXACTLY what you personally need to do for each protocol.

These presentations can be watched over and over again for up to 3 months. The notes can be downloaded and saved for future review as well.

On these presentations I’ll show you specific, tried and true, protocols for getting a good night’s sleep, dramatically reducing your pain, anxiety, depression, IBS, RLS, migraines, fibro fog, and fatigue.

You’ll know EXACTLY what to do to get healthy and feel good again based on YOUR specific needs. No more guessing what to do, when to do it or how or to do it WITH MY COACHING YOU WILL DO IT.

Follow my specific easy to follow instructions, based on your unique symptoms, get my weekly coaching, and you’ll see dramatic improvement within weeks.

2) Eight weekly Members Only LIVE group call or Facebook Live, programs with me, reviewing that week’s audiovisual presentation and taking your questions (and giving SPECIFIC step-by-step answers). These programs are recorded in case you can’t tune into the one of the LIVE call in sessions. You can also post questions on the member’s only Fibro Free Facebook Group page.

3) Two-month access to members only closed Facebook group.

Interact with me, my staff, and other members of the Fibro Free Coaching Program. Get your specific questions answered, or simply help support, or get support from other members. A great way to stay connected, get your questions answered or learn about any updated helpful resources.

4) Three-month access to the member’s only Fibro Free Coaching Program membership site. Here, you’ll find all sorts of valuable resources, constantly updated with state of the art, latest, greatest tips and tricks on diet and natural supplements, recommend labs, lab interpretation guides, NATURAL protocols for most every ailment you can imagine. This will be one of your go-to resources for everything to do with getting and staying healthy.